CMAR is part of Canada’s Ocean Supercluster’s project to centralize oceanographic, biological and socioeconomic data into the Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System (CIOOS).

Through collaboration between the aquaculture and renewable energy sectors, oceanographic sensors will be deployed and maintained, data will be collected, verified and integrated into a centralized database, and tools will be developed for data entry, visualization and analysis. The project will reduce the cost of independent field research and increase the depth of data available to each industry.

The project is being funded by Canada’s Ocean Supercluster. Partners include CMAR, Pisces Research Project Management Inc., Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System (CIOOS), Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE), DeepSense, Pacific Regional Institute for Marine Energy Discovery (PRIMED), Marine Renewables Canada (MRC), 3D Wave Design, and COINAtlantic.

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