Interaction Between Open Net Pen Farming, Lobster and Crab

In collaboration with CMAR and the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture (NSDFA), Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) initiated an acoustical telemetry research project to better understand potential interactions between finfish aquaculture, lobster and crab. Over eighty acoustic receivers were deployed in a bottom-grid around a fallowed Atlantic salmon aquaculture site in Liverpool Bay,

Reducing Lost Value and Revenue in Lobster Processing

CMAR is investigating a mechanism to determine when a lobster is dead or if it can be processed.  Findings will mitigate potential value loss due to misclassification of lobster that could otherwise be processed since dead lobsters are ineligible to be processed.  The current definition of "dead" according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is

Resource Map for Marine Users

A challenge for sustainable development on Nova Scotia's coastal areas is that information on the province's infrastructure and service support is not readily accessible. While most of the required information exists in various forms and locations, it takes considerable amounts of effort to consolidate and package this data into usable information. The objective of

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