Nova Scotia hosts a growing number of finfish and shellfish aquaculture facilities located in coastal waters and on land. There is interest in further development. A challenge for prospective growers is that information on the province’s infrastructure and service support is not readily accessible. While most of the required information exists in various forms and locations, it takes growers considerable amounts of effort to consolidate and package this data into usable information. The objective of this project is to create a single-platform information system that shows important land-based infrastructure to support decision-making for Nova Scotia Aquaculture.

This web application is a consolidation of relevant information to support current and prospective aquaculture operators. It can also inform communities and business owners on available assets and identify requirements for growth. Information contained in the user-friendly GIS tool will help aquaculture site selection and application process. CMAR has completed research and consulted industry to determine the priority information layers for the project. Please click the Map below to access the tool.

The Marine Asset Mapping project is funded by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).